About Us


Founded by Paul Rigby in February 2012, Open Air Riders is a group for anyone who rides a 125 or above (for rideouts) or bike / trike enthusiasts who for whatever reason are not riding at the moment. We meet twice a month for bike chat and arrange rideouts to suit all. Only rules are that you ride, have ridden or aspire to ride. It doesn’t matter how often or what you ride, we just ask that members have respect for each other. No commitment of time you can be involved as little or as much as you like.

Don’t want the commitment ? Busy family life and busy with them at the weekend ? Busy with work? Whatever the reason some of us can’t get out for that Sunday run or make many meets. We don’t want any biker having the feeling they can’t be involved in the OAR community. It’s all about choices and you are welcome to our events and meets and you won’t be treated differently no matter how often or not often you make it along.

The aim of this group is to make everyone feel welcome, make new friends, have get togethers and rideouts. A club run by its members! As we said we meet twice a month and weekly in the summer, all are more than welcome.


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